Mac Field Service Management Software

OctopusPro Field Service app for iPad / iPad Field Service Management (FSM) Software

Field service management powered by real time data. 

The world has gone digital. Empower your technicians to be the best by providing the best available tools.

Field service management solution to meet your current and future business needs

Customer management, quoting, navigation, image and signature capture, job management and invoicing capabilities, customized to vastly improve service efficiency and accuracy using iPhone and iPad.

A dependable field service management solution enabling your business to:

    • Monitor field based resources – Track your mobile workforce and ensure appointments are kept, with automated email and sms updates resulting in minimal lost time for both your technicians and customers.

    • Increase staff support – OctopusPro installs on all iOS devices via a fully customized app downloadable from the App Store, making sure the job gets done right.

    • Maximize efficiency – Dynamic scheduling reduces costs and improves the productivity of field based resources.

OctopusPro’s iPad Field Service Management Software prepares your business to meet the future face on, providing a secure environment using iOS mobile devices to help streamline the workflow for your staff and vastly improve the customer experience. Mobile software built specially for the field service environment means that administrators and technicians can reduce the amount of lost time, by using iPad and iPhone to increase customer engagements and promote efficiency through technology.

OctopusPro is an end-to-end management solution for your field service business. The complete job management software handles customer relations, quoting, task scheduling, field resource tracking, invoicing, and much more. 

Our software is optimised for iPad and iPhone and is available for both your customers and staff in the App Store using your own business name.

Customers book services directly, field staff can accept automatically scheduled jobs

Software designed for constant and dependable use in the field

Updated from anywhere.

Field service at its core is mobile, and the requirements for field technicians and office staff to stay synchronized can be crucial for your success. 

True mobile compatibility

True mobile compatibility means you get the same features and options that you and your team need from anywhere using any device.

OctopusPro is consistent when used from your desktop, notebook, tablets or mobile devices enabling fast team member adoption.

OctopusPro is a powerful cloud-based service dispatch management software and mobile FSM app built for companies who operate field services in a wide range of industries.

The easy to configure field service solution efficiently manages service processes and task planning for both your office and field staff. 

Experience the importance of a holistic approach to field service with advanced service management software.

Optimize your services

Minimize your transportation costs, optimize the efficiency of field staff deployments and react in real-time to disruptions and changes.

Delight your customers

As customers requirements change and market dynamics evolve, field service providers need to become more efficient, employees more content, and customers more satisfied. OctopusPro delivers an advanced and flexible solution for planning, dispatching, scheduling and execution of services.

Maintain contact and provide fast support to field staff and customers as requirements change. Technicians are able to efficiently self-organize their work, and easily receive support and real-time updates through the OctopusPro Field Service Management app. 

Schedule jobs, check your calendar, create invoices, check statistics and more.

OctopusPro is a complete field service management solution enabling field technicians to fully maximise operational efficiency while delivering fantastic customer experiences.

  • Help retain your client base
  • Grow your reputation
  • Discover new revenue streams
  • Enhance customer experience

Dedicated to your success! 

Here at OctopusPro, we’re extremely proud of our expert support and customer success teams ensuring your success every step of the way. After all, your success is our success.

Yes, OctopusPro field service management software offers a free trial. Experience the benefits for yourself or get in touch for an obligation free introduction and consultation.


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