Log into the OctopusPro Field Worker App

Log into the OctopusPro Field Worker App

Logging into the app as an admin

Please note that the OctopusPro app is currently for field workers only.

OctopusPro is working on allowing admins to log into the fieldworker app as well. However, for now, admins will need to log into OctopusPro via a web browser.

To access the app as an admin, you can create a field worker profile and log in with that person’s login details.

Alternatively, you can use the General account, which is automatically generated when creating an OctopusPro account. Go to the Fieldworker tab in the main menu, and click on the ‘General [Company Name]’, and change the password for that user. You need to change the password because the login details need to be different from your admin account login details in order to be able to log into the app.

You can then log into the app using the email address that you used to sign up, and the new password.

See a video of how to log into the OctopusPro field worker app using the General field worker account.

Loggin into the app as a field worker

If an admin has created a field worker account, the field worker will automatically be sent an email requesting to verify their account by downloading the OctopusPro app and logging in with the credentials sent to them.

Download the OctopusPro field worker app on your Android or iOS device.

Once you have verified your account, complete your profile by adding your services, service areas, and any missing personal details and/or a photo.

To do this, navigate to My Account in the top left corner.

  • Click on Contractor Availability to select the areas where you are able to travel for work
  • Click on New Service to activate all the services you provide

These settings enable the office to assign you jobs!

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