Appointment Scheduling Software for Embassies & Consulates

Many embassies and consulates are still handling a lot of their important work and scheduling appointments over the phone. With OctopusPro, people can make visa, citizenship, passport renewal and other appointments on their mobile browser. They can also reschedule and cancel bookings easily.

Consultants can easily charge customers at the end of the appointment for any payments the customer is due.

Complete appointment booking system & online calendar

Automate and better organize communication between the embassy or consulate and your customers. OctopusPro appointment scheduling software ensures all data is kept in sync by automatically sending appointment information and updates to all parties.

Meanwhile, your customers can book appointments 24/7 online, making it easier for them, and freeing up the consultants’ time spent on the phone scheduling appointments. 

Integrate with Google Calendar, Xero and QuickBooks

Integrate OctopusPro with your other tools to keep all data streamlined. Your calendars will always be in-sync and accounting will be a breeze!

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Customer Booking iPhone

Make it easier for your customers

With online booking, your customers can make appointments required for Citizenship applications, Notary Services, Visa applications and more on their desktops or mobiles, at any time convenient for them. They can also make changes, reschedule or cancel appointments.

Allow consultants to take payment

With OctopusPro, your embassy or consulate consultants can invoice or charge the customers directly before or after the appointment easily with a few taps.

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders

Reduce late and missed reservations with automatic reminders and alerts to customers about their upcoming appointments.

Save time by automating confirmation emails

OctopusPro’s integrated mailing lists feature allows you to manage all mailing lists for both your customers and staff.

Get your own branded app

In case you wish to have an app for the embassy or consulate for customers to access their appointments and other vital information, OctopusPro can build this for you!

We will build and maintain the app, which can be made available for both iOS and Android.

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Appointment scheduling for consulates & embassies made easy

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