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OctopusPro is a cloud based service management software with the features and tools you need to manage and grow your business, allowing you to manage customers, leads, quotes, bookings, invoices, payments, feedback, reviews, as well as your staff and workers in the field.

OctopusPro enables everyone in your organization to participate in various aspects of your business, from handling initial inquiries to accepting payments and managing complaints. This unified platform streamlines your business operations, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and helping to aid in your business's growth while maintaining control over your operations.

Optimize and organize your schedule with the added benefits of 24/7 support and the security and reliability of trusted cloud technology.

Compatible with all types of jobs and booking locations

OctopusPro’s POS system is an invaluable tool for managing a service business of any size. With its comprehensive features catering to businesses with one or many locations, from mobile service delivery to physical locations and remote work management, OctopusPro can help you streamline operations and prepare for future growth.

Mobile Locations

OctopusPro is the prime solution for businesses delivering mobile services including but not limited to mechanics, vets, beauty and wellness, tutoring, and handyman services. Expertly tailored to support your services, be it at your customer's residence, workplace, or any preferred location, OctopusPro ensures seamless service management at your fingertips.

Multi-Location POS System

OctopusPro is designed to adapt to your business as it grows. Whether you operate from a single location physical storefront or manage multiple branches like beauty salons, massage studios, or car wash shops, OctopusPro centralizes control of bookings, payments, customers, staff, and services for efficient management.

Remote Work Management

OctopusPro is also equipped to manage businesses that operate remotely. Online education services, technical support, virtual assistance, and consulting services can be efficiently managed using the virtual service setup feature in the platform.

Industries and services

OctopusPro helps companies across various industries work and collaborate better.

Lead Capture & Management

Maximize lead conversion and improve your lead generation process with OctopusPro's comprehensive lead management solution. Effortlessly capture leads and automate key workflows, including contact acknowledgment, follow-up notifications, document and photo requests, and more. Manage contact attempts and receive valuable insights through reporting and increase your website's lead capture with the integration of a customizable inquiry widget.

Quote & Invoice Management

Generate custom quotes and invoices, and automate your billing process. Convert quotes to invoices, automate reminders and recurring billing, merge and combine invoices, monitor due dates, view customer statements, process online payments and refunds, and more. Your customers can review, accept, or decline quotes, self-schedule appointments, sign and approve invoices, and pay holding deposits.

Booking & Appointment Management

Manage bookings and appointments for your mobile workforce, and allow your customers to book online through your website or App. Ease the booking process with real-time scheduling and management. Offer clients online booking & payment options, including packages, add-ons, products, & gift vouchers. Manage group & repeat bookings and subscriptions with support for multiple addresses and adjustable capacity. Empower field workers with booking creation permissions. Manage waiting lists, monitor booking status and timeline, utilize custom forms & checklists for accuracy and consistency, and enhance visibility with informed decision making.

Fleet & Workforce Scheduling

Effortlessly find the ideal fieldworker for each job with powerful scheduling tools. Limit availability through a predetermined travel radius, allowing you to choose from a pool of workers who match your desired services, custom fields, and booking location. Quickly locate nearby fieldworkers for emergency or last-minute bookings, reducing travel time and improving efficiency. Easily view fieldworker availability, send job requests, and assign fieldworkers to appointments directly while scheduling jobs with just a few clicks. Enhance your scheduling process, make informed decisions, and respond quickly to requests.

Automate Fieldworker Job Assignment & Confirmation

Opt for manual supervision or switch on the automatic job assignment system for seamless scheduling and dispatching. Automatically send job requests to matching fieldworkers and assign the best suitable workers that accept. Ensure appropriate job distribution through flexible job requests, allowing fieldworkers to accept or decline selected services and appointments within the booking. Fieldworkers can suggest alternative availability when declining job requests, improving automation while giving customers control over accepted suggested alternative times. Both admin users and customers can monitor job assignment and acceptance and confirmation status.

Track Fieldworkers & Improve Effectiveness

Enhance the accessibility of job-related information for your workforce to keep them informed and up-to-date. Facilitate communication and coordination for better efficiency and increased productivity. Utilize GPS tracking to monitor the locations of field workers, monitor their arrival and departure times, and track attendance and work hours accurately. Enable sub-workers of field workers to access the app and manage them efficiently. Grant customized access permissions to your fieldworkers to ensure appropriate utilization of the system.

Integrate with Google Calendar

Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and easily manage the availability and working hours of your fieldworkers. Personalize your calendar with labels and filters, and integrate with your Google Calendar to automatically sync bookings and events between calendars, giving you real-time visibility into your fieldworkers' private schedules. Simplify coordination of field operations with the ability for staff to view fieldworkers' private Google Calendars and for fieldworkers to view their appointments and blocked time slots.

Payment Management & Integration

Provide seamless payment options by integrating with popular payment gateways and importing payment data from your bank or other third-party sources that don't have direct OctopusPro integration. Enable your fieldworkers to accept payments right from the job site using the app. Encourage your customers to add gratuity tips when making payments, with various options including email invoices with payment links and online payments through your website or app. Keep your customers' preferred payment methods safe and secure through your integrated payment gateway, and allow them to update their cards through your customer portal for added convenience.

Automate Billing & Payment Follow-up

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your invoicing and payment processes are under control with automated invoice management and follow up features. Ensure timely payment by effortlessly sending reminders and confirmations to your customers and fieldworkers through SMS and email. Manage open and overdue invoices and send targeted messages to the appropriate parties, providing added flexibility and control.

Manage Worker Earnings & Commissions

Simplify payment management for a large workforce and promote transparency in payment information. Automate the calculation of worker earnings and commissions based on predefined criteria, which can be tailored to each fieldworker, service, and job, to ensure accurate and efficient payment processing. Give your workforce real-time access to payment information and summaries and keep them informed and up-to-date.

Customer and Fieldworker Communication

Ensure continuous communication with both field workers and customers by keeping everyone informed and up-to-date on all updates and discussions. Retain a complete record of all communication history for future reference. Streamline communication through the app, enabling field workers to directly communicate with both customers and staff, and giving customers the choice to respond either through the booking page or SMS. Foster a unified and efficient communication system for all parties involved.

Integrate your Website for Online Bookings

Showcase your services and add ons and provide easy access to information, allow your customers to generate accurate quotes, place booking requests and purchase gift vouchers. Customize your customer portal with your own branding elements, such as colors, logo, images, language, and use it as a standalone website or integrate it into your existing online presence. Your mobile-friendly, white-labeled portal can be linked to your website, social media networks, and online directory listings, making it a one-stop-shop for your customers.

Real-Time Live Reporting

Stay informed and connected with 24/7 access to live reports on your PC, tablet, or phone. Monitor the pulse of your business with real-time insights, including comprehensive sales, payment, customer, and fieldworker reports. Make informed decisions with immediate access to the data you need to succeed.

Integrated Accounting

Connect with accounting software like Xero or Quickbooks. This real-time syncing of financial data streamlines invoicing, reduces manual data entry and improves accuracy. Easily manage cash flow, reconcile accounts, and make informed decisions about the financial health of your business, with the ability to access financial information from anywhere at any time.

Feedback & Complaint Management

Collect valuable feedback, ratings, and reviews from customers to drive continuous service improvement. Share this feedback with your fieldworkers and promote your positive reputation by displaying customer reviews during the booking process. Integrate with Google Reviews and Yelp to streamline the feedback collection process.

Fieldworker App for On-the-Go Teams

OctopusPro’s app improves the efficiency of on-the-go teams. Fieldworkers can receive booking requests, record working hours, and process payments from their mobile device, the app provides real-time updates and accessibility from anywhere, ensuring your staff is able to access critical information even when offline. This user-friendly solution is perfect for businesses looking to enhance their fieldworkers' performance and productivity.

Integrated VOIP Solutions for Calls and SMS

Maximize productivity with OctopusPro's integration with industry-leading VOIP providers, such as Twilio. Make and receive calls, send and receive SMS, and record voice conversations, all through app or desktop browser. Monitor and manage communications with ease, ensuring seamless coordination and improved productivity.

Personalized Canned Responses

Personalize messages for accurate and consistent messaging, facilitated by a comprehensive set of placeholders that can be automatically populated from your database. Respond promptly and effortlessly to a range of customer inquiries, including quotes, bookings, invoices, complaints, and more. Whether communicating through email or SMS, OctopusPro allows you to save time while maintaining high-quality communication with your customers.

Automate Email / SMS Reminders

Automate sending reminders and confirmations to your customers and fieldworkers via email and SMS. Save valuable time and resources while ensuring that important alerts and reminders like job reminders, notifications for expired documents such as licenses, insurance, and follow-up reminders, are sent promptly.

Comprehensive Service History Log

Maximize control and transparency with a clear and comprehensive log of every modification made to inquiries, quotes, bookings, invoices, customer and fieldworker profiles, and all other data within your account. Empower yourself and your team with the information needed to make informed decisions, and ensure that everyone is informed and up-to-date, with access to the history of actions taken by all user roles, including admin, fieldworkers, and customers.

Migrate Data with Import / Export Tools

Save time and effortlessly migrate data to and from your business account with a simple Import/Export feature. Transfer data seamlessly between your account and external sources without the hassle of manual data entry. Save time with this convenient tool that allows you to import/export customers, users, customer properties, payments, services, custom fields, products, and more.

Integrated Mailing List Management

Improve customer engagement through seamless integration of mailing lists with leading email marketing services such as Mailchimp. Target customers with personalized messages by segmenting your customer list based on specific needs and interests. Enjoy centralized customer information and eliminate manual data entry with automatic additions and removals from your mailing list. Track lead sources and marketing performance with real-time data such as open and click-through rates to make informed decisions for future strategies.

Streamline Your Scheduling

Optimize and organize your schedule with the added benefits of 24/7 support and the security and reliability of trusted cloud technology.

Facilitate online booking requests from clients while retaining control over your calendar with a solution that takes real-time fieldworker availability into consideration for optimal customer satisfaction, even for the most intricate services offered.

Superior workforce management

Enhance the flow of information and communication within your business by providing easy access to job-related information for your mobile workforce, office staff, and customers. Keep your workforce well-informed and up-to-date, and allow them the freedom to work remotely. Enable your workforce to discuss bookings, receive live updates, receive booking reminders and confirm attendance, create quotes and invoices, and collect payments while on the go.

Grant customized access permissions for fieldworkers to ensure appropriate use of the system and allow their sub-workers to access the app and manage their tasks efficiently.

Allow customers to monitor job assignment and acceptance status. Simplify the job assignment process by automatically sending job requests to matching fieldworkers and assigning them to appointments and services with ease. Allow fieldworkers to accept or decline selected services and appointments within the job request and suggest alternative availability when declining, promoting efficient allocation of multiple workers to bookings when needed.

Staff to customer GPS Tracking

Keep your office and customers connected to your mobile workforce and their locations at all times, so you can make sure everyone makes it on time to their appointments, with the minimal amount of handling and waiting time for both your staff and customers. Employ GPS tracking to monitor the locations of fieldworkers, track their arrival and departure times, and accurately log attendance and work hours.

Integrate your website and accept bookings online!

Compatible with all website builders, regardless of the platform

Integrate with any website built through any website builder including wix, wordpress, duda, zyro and more

Integrate with industry-leading payment gateways

Give your staff and customers a branded app

Give your business that professional look by creating a customized app with your business name, logo, colors and images. This app will allow your customers and fieldworkers to have a seamless and professional experience while using your services. Your brand will be prominently displayed in both the App Store and Google Play Store. Customers can use the app to place booking requests, manage bookings and payments, and receive updates and notifications about the status of their services, tracking the status of their services with updates and notifications, and accessing information on the go. Your own white-labeled app is an effective tool for promoting your brand and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Improve Customer Retention with Built-in CRM

  • Customize your customer profile fields and manage customer lists effortlessly.
  • Store and manage details of customer dependents and associated properties, such as children, pets, vehicles, equipment, homes, and business locations.
  • Engage customers, personalize experiences, track behavior, automate communications, and offer incentives to improve retention and loyalty.
  • Encourage referrals with referral codes and discount vouchers.
  • Use advanced search to efficiently access customer data and eliminate duplicates.
  • View customer statements, easily import/export data, and communicate flexibly.
  • Offer added convenience by allowing customers to save payment methods and frequently used locations for faster checkout.
  • Manage mailing list and auto sync with leading email marketing services like Mailchimp
  • View complete logs and history of each customer interaction, transaction, and payment.
  • Integrate with Google AdWords, Facebook Pixel, and utilize tags for effective marketing campaigns.

Access anywhere and anytime

local and global booking management system

OctopusPro does all the hard work. You get results.

OctopusPro will help you reduce staff and customer management and operational costs, allowing you to concentrate on providing the best possible service to your clients, wherever they are.
marketing automation and lead generation

OctopusPro has revolutionised my business, I am running at a capacity that would have previously required at least 3 mores sales staff but at a fraction of the cost that would require.

Mark W. – Sales Manager, Tile & Grout Pro Pty Ltd

Before using OctopusPro, I felt like I was running out of time constantly chasing bookings and lost in paperwork. Since coming onboard I not only have more free time but also a branded app.

Rachel P. – Owner, Zenin

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