Integrated Accounting

Manage your accounts with your contractors and field workers

OctopusPro makes it easy for you to know who has been paid and who has not.

Manage your accounts with your contractors and field workers

OctopusPro makes it easy for you to know who has been paid for his bookings and who has not.

Manage Payments

Have all your payments stored together with your bookings and customers, so you never have to lose a payment again.

Manage Outstanding Amounts

Easily find out who owes you money and send them payment reminders. You can also automate the process by scheduling times for when you want all outstanding invoices to be emailed.

Spend less time invoicing

Completed jobs are automatically invoiced and the payment can be made online directly by the customer or staff. Reduce invoice double entry by sending your invoice and payment information to QuickBooks or Xero for financial accounting and tax reporting.

Built-in Invoicing

There is no need to use any other software for invoicing your clients as OctopusPro does it all for you.

Easier payroll tracking

Approve timesheets in OctopusPro and then send them to QuickBooks or Xero to use for payroll.

Accounting Integration With Xero & QuickBooks Online


  • Push your customer invoices to your accounting system in one click.

  • Sync customers & employees between your accounting system & OctopusPro.

  • Transfer invoice payments between your accounting system & OctopusPro and keep track of all payments from one place to avoid double entry.

  • Sync services list from your accounting system to OctopusPro and keep tracking of all changes.

Key features

  • Manage accounts seamlessly
  • Manage invoices and payments
  • Automate procedures & communications
  • Online payments and arrears management
  • Customised and automated Emails
  • Advanced customisable reporting
  • Send professional template Emails or SMS
  • Manage site workers / staff check-in and check-out
  • Advanced filters to run more custom reports
  • Reporting, Analysis and Conversion Tracking
  • Export & Import of Data
  • Syncs with Xero and QuickBooks
  • Plus much more

Live availability

Your reports are available 24/7 for anyone to see.

Sync with Xero and QuickBooks

Setup automatic sync with Xero and QuickBooks so your accountant can use them for taxation reasons, or any other reason there could be.

Easily import and export data

You can easily and at anytime export all your data out of OctopusPro so you can use it somewhere else if required.

Access anywhere and anytime

Access and manage your reports online with no need to update software.

Business benefits

  • View reports  24/7 with real time availability
  • Centralise information for staff efficiency
  • Access your system anywhere with internet and a browser
  • Manage thousands of bookings effortlessly
  • Manage large teams of field workers without losing control
  • Provides transparency between contractors, staff and site workers
  • Capture data for business analytics, operational optimisation and marketing
  • Simplify your accounting and save time and money on your accounts


Manage more bookings per staff member and respond better to emergencies with OctopusPro.


Grow your business through optimising resource availability, proximity, distribution with OctopusPro.


Enjoy the benefits of happier customers and staff when you transform your business with OctopusPro.

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OctopusPro mobile workforce booking management system is an integrated online solution for service based businesses of all sizes, with connectivity and integration with leading CRMs and accounting systems.

OctopusPro is designed as the ideal management tool for all mobile or field services, from cleaning, to gardening, mowing, locksmiths, pool care, plumbing, antennas, dog washing, baby sitting, car detailing, removals, skip bins, private tutoring, security, painting, tiling, heating & cooling, solar system installations, pest control, or whatever it may be that your business offers as a service to it’s clients. OctopusPro is also ideal for real estate agents & builders to manage contractors that work on properties they manage.

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