Need to allow your customers to book online?

OctopusPro provides job estimation, scheduling and workflow features that allows you to empower your customers to book through your app or website and manage their bookings directly with your field workers and office.

Reduce office calls and simplify job management

Empower your customers while being more in control with OctopusPro. Allow your customers to get accurate estimates on the price of their work online, lookup your products and pricing, create new bookings, record job information, upload photos related to the work required, track their assigned field worker and communicate together along the way while masking all contact details of both your customers and staff.

Allow customers to connect with your mobile workforce and track arrival time

Seeing all your field workers on a map helps you make smart & quick decisions while assigning and distributing jobs between them, without having to interrupt them with a call or SMS.

Receive updates on the job directly on your mobile or browser

Automate and organize communications between the customer, office and field worker. Keep your office and field workers in sync by receiving job information and updates about the work automatically.

Engage your customers and keep them informed of any changes or updates

Send customisable Emails, SMS and notifications to your customers seamlessly. SMS clients to notify them that you’re on-approach to the job, with an estimated time of arrival. Automatically email or SMS clients about upcoming bookings. Enable your customers to receive alerts via the OctopusPro app or by email.

Take payment from customers directly

Allow customers to manage their payments and invoices. Take payments anywhere directly through OctopusPro, which can be processed on the job by your field workers through your OctopusPro app, or directly by your customers through your app or website, or even by your office staff using your account.

Get booked online any day, any time

Customers can book you instantly through your website, app, Yelp, and Facebook. The job will automatically match with the most suitable members of your team to accept/reject. Like magic.

Live availability of your mobile workforce

Allow your customers to easily manage the availability of your mobile workforce using integrated live calendars that can sync directly with external calendars like Google Calendar, directly. Allow customers to make new bookings through your website or App and manage online booking automation seamlessly

Capture the client’s signature

Record proof that your customers are happy to proceed with the job before commencing work, or that they are happy with the work your field workers have just completed, or simply a proof while collecting payment.

Receive customer ratings, feedback and reviews

Allow your customers to rate and review your field workers and the services provided, as well as manage complaints and customer satisfaction.
Create more revenue with advanced reporting, analysis and conversion.
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