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Auto Repair Management Software that Revolutionizes Your Business Operations

OctopusPro is designed to assist your auto repair business in managing a variety of services, including routine car maintenance, commercial vehicle repairs, motorcycle servicing, and heavy-duty truck maintenance. Our specialized services also cater to more intricate needs like engine diagnostics, transmission repair, electrical system services, and collision repairs. OctopusPro can further aid businesses in offering additional services such as emergency roadside assistance, mobile mechanic services, and regular maintenance packages.

Embrace the opportunity and drive your automotive repair business forward with a FREE Trial!

   • Streamline auto repair shop operations management
   • Simplify job scheduling for car, bike, and truck repairs
   • Free up invaluable mechanics & office staff time
   • Boost the efficiency and profits of your auto repair business!

OctopusPro can empower your auto repair business to efficiently manage a variety of services including routine car maintenance, comprehensive truck repairs, motorcycle servicing, and post-accident vehicle restorations. We cater to specialized needs like engine diagnostics, brake and transmission repairs, electrical system servicing, and bodywork restoration. OctopusPro can also facilitate your business in offering expanded services such as roadside emergency assistance, mobile auto repair services, and regular maintenance plans.

Auto Repair Shop Rota Management

Stay organized and enhance your efficiency by synchronizing multiple mechanics’ schedules and repair job bookings. Keep your clients updated and your mechanics ready for any vehicle repair task.

Repair Job Forecast: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Views

Tailor your calendar to suit your auto repair shop’s needs. Monitor your service appointments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to stay on top of your business operations.

Automated Repair Reminders

Never miss a critical repair job again! With our automated reminder and confirmation system, you can send out emails and SMS notifications for every car, bike, or truck repair job that is booked, cancelled, or rescheduled.

Optimize Your Auto Repair Shop Management

OctopusPro is the ideal solution for auto repair businesses, including car, bike, and truck mechanics, looking to elevate their service delivery. Our all-inclusive auto repair shop software offers an array of features to help businesses effectively streamline their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and expand their clientele. Reduce the hours spent on scheduling and focus more on providing top-notch repair services to your clients.

OctopusPro securely stores critical customer data in the cloud, encompassing profiles, contact details, vehicle service requirements, appointment history, and client feedback. This vital information is readily accessible, ensuring seamless operations whether you’re handling car repairs, addressing commercial vehicle maintenance needs, managing motorcycle servicing, or conducting post-accident repairs.

Vehicle History Record Management

Enhance your auto repair service with our Vehicle History Records feature, enabling precise tracking of each vehicle’s service and repair history. This tool aids in quick diagnosis, fosters customer trust with transparent services, and streamlines operations. It also helps in building long-term customer relationships through proactive maintenance suggestions, offering a reliable and thorough auto repair experience.

Service Reminder Notifications

Our Service Reminder Notifications feature offers automated alerts for regular vehicle maintenance and service follow-ups, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. This proactive tool helps in scheduling timely services, ensuring vehicle longevity and positioning your auto repair business as attentive and reliable. It streamlines your workflow and attracts clients who prioritize regular vehicle care, elevating your service experience and customer satisfaction.

Safety and Compliance Management

Our Safety and Compliance Management tools ensure your auto repair service adheres to the highest safety standards and regulatory requirements. This streamlined approach not only enhances customer trust and satisfaction but also keeps your business up-to-date with evolving regulations. By prioritizing safety and compliance, your service becomes a reliable and professional choice for customers who value secure and responsible auto repair practices.

Optimize Safety and Compliance in Your Auto Repair Business with OctopusPro's Digital Forms and Checklists

Elevate your auto repair business with OctopusPro’s digital forms and checklists, a must-have for maintaining safety and compliance standards. This feature, available online and offline, not only guarantees data precision but also streamlines the sharing of information. Designed for the auto repair industry, it allows customization to fit your specific needs, ensuring comprehensive data capture throughout the repair process. Implementing OctopusPro’s solution leads to better organized tasks, higher customer satisfaction, and increased operational profitability. By standardizing procedures, promoting accountability, and enhancing efficiency, this tool is instrumental in optimizing your service quality and business performance.

Our platform is an invaluable ally for mobile auto repair operations, providing real-time job updates, automated client communications, essential job checklists, and immediate payment processing. This integration significantly enhances your productivity and the quality of customer experience you provide. Designed to boost accountability and workflow efficiency, it's an essential tool for maintaining high standards in your auto repair services.

Unified Work Order Management

Enhance your auto repair business with our integrated platform for efficient team scheduling and work order management. It streamlines the management of mechanics’ schedules and multiple repair jobs, ensuring balanced and efficient operations. This unified system optimizes workload distribution, boosts operational efficiency, and facilitates the smooth functioning of your auto repair services.

Real-Time Staff Activity Log

Elevate your auto repair business with our comprehensive platform, providing detailed activity logs for enhanced team performance tracking. Monitor your mechanics’ tasks throughout the day, ensuring transparency and efficient performance management. OctopusPro offers real-time updates, insightful performance analytics, and customizable reporting, enabling you to optimize time management, productivity, and work patterns.

Proactive Client Management

Ensure your clients are always informed about every aspect of their service. From booking repair appointments to providing updates on job progress, maintain constant communication to foster transparency and strengthen customer relationships.

Optimize Auto Repair Service Billing Cycles

OctopusPro, with its array of features, includes an efficient invoice grouping capability tailored for auto repair businesses. This functionality is particularly advantageous for those managing large service contracts or handling multiple service requests from the same client. By consolidating invoices, your business can easily track and manage billing cycles for various car, bike, and truck repair services, streamlining the financial management process. This feature not only helps in keeping comprehensive financial records but also enhances the overall efficiency of your auto repair business operations.

Streamline Communication with Automated Emails and SMS

Leverage OctopusPro’s integrated email and SMS automation feature to manage all your communications with customers and staff in your auto repair business. If you’re already using an external mailing list provider, it can be seamlessly integrated into your OctopusPro account. This automation saves precious time and ensures consistent and effective communication, keeping everyone informed and on the same page.

Efficiently Manage Large Fleets and Contracts

Excel in managing large vehicle portfolios with OctopusPro’s comprehensive features like grouped invoicing and real-time updates. OctopusPro is the ideal tool for auto repair businesses catering to extensive vehicle fleets, such as those owned by transportation companies, logistics firms, corporate clients, or government agencies. With OctopusPro, you can adeptly handle these large-scale contracts and offer customized, efficient services tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

Group and Merge Invoices

Grouping and merging invoices allows your business to present clients with a clear, consolidated view of all repair services provided and their associated costs. This transparency builds trust with clients and ensures your business is accurately compensated for its services. The grouping feature in OctopusPro is just one aspect of its suite of tools designed to make your auto repair business more efficient, profitable, and competitive. By harnessing the power of OctopusPro, you can streamline your service management, enhance your profitability, and distinguish your business in a crowded market.

Ensure Every Auto Repair Service Request is Promptly Addressed

OctopusPro revolutionizes auto repair service management, seamlessly connecting your office with mobile teams for cars, bikes, and trucks repairs. This innovative platform offers automated job and booking assignments, integrated with efficient work order management. With real-time tracking of your mobile workforce, OctopusPro boosts productivity and maximizes operational efficiency. This system ensures that every service request is promptly addressed, significantly reducing downtime and customer wait times. Ideal for optimizing your auto repair business’s online visibility, OctopusPro’s features guarantee timely completion of all repair tasks, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving business growth.

Automated Customer Responses for Enhanced Communication

Streamline your communication by utilizing automated & canned responses for your clients. Keep them well-informed about every aspect of their service requests and bookings, fostering transparency and nurturing customer trust.

Integration with Google Calendar, Xero, and QuickBooks

Synchronize your emails and manage your auto repair business more efficiently with integrations that sync your account with Google Calendar, Xero, and QuickBooks.

Customize Your Calendar to Fit Your Business Needs

With OctopusPro’s flexible system, you can adapt the calendar to meet the specific requirements of your auto repair business, ensuring optimal organization and scheduling.

Automatically Assign the Most Suitable Mechanic for Each Job

Managing your auto repair business becomes a breeze with OctopusPro. Quickly and automatically assign tasks to your mechanics based on their individual skills and areas of expertise. The platform provides a detailed view of their specializations, whether it’s car maintenance, motorcycle repairs, truck servicing, or engine diagnostics. Allocating jobs according to these proficiencies not only boosts efficiency but also guarantees the highest standard of service.

Track Your Mobile Auto Repair Team

OctopusPro provides real-time tracking capabilities for your mobile auto repair workforce. This feature is crucial in efficiently assigning tasks and elevates customer service by offering transparent and dependable updates on appointments.

Align Skills with Auto Repair Tasks

Assign repair jobs effectively based on your mechanics’ skill sets, ensuring the right expertise is applied to each task. This could range from routine car maintenance, motorcycle repairs, truck servicing, to more specialized tasks like engine diagnostics or collision repairs.

Real-Time Availability for Mechanics

Manage your mechanics’ schedules efficiently with integrated live calendars that sync with external systems like Google Calendar. This real-time view of your team’s availability streamlines scheduling and ensures that your auto repair services are efficiently organized, enhancing both customer satisfaction and operational productivity.

Exchange Photos and Documents with Mechanics Through the App

With OctopusPro, you can upload and share photos or documents pertinent to specific auto repair jobs. This functionality allows your mechanics in the field to access and discuss any relevant documents or visual references related to their tasks, enhancing the precision and efficiency of their work.

Streamline Communication with Your Auto Repair Team

Reduce the need for office calls by enabling your mechanics to communicate directly with your office through the OctopusPro app. This promotes immediate and efficient office- mechanic-customer communication, ensuring quick resolution of any queries or issues that arise during repair jobs.

Document Sharing and Access

OctopusPro supports document uploads and cloud-based storage, allowing your team to access important documents anywhere and anytime. This feature guarantees uninterrupted operations, no matter the location or device used.

Secure Storage for Photos and Documents

Keep all your auto repair service-related photos and documents safe with OctopusPro’s cloud-based storage solution. This not only protects your business data but also provides easy access whenever required, enhancing operational efficiency.

Your own Branded App for Enhanced Business Presence

Customize and brand the OctopusPro app under your own business name, and have your auto repair service listed on the Apple and Google Play stores. This enhances your professional presence and offers your staff and customers a branded mobile application, improving brand recognition and user experience.

Enhance Conversion Rates for Your Auto Repair Business

Develop and implement strategies to improve lead management, increase conversion rates, and boost sales in your auto repair business. Utilize referral codes and discount vouchers to motivate satisfied customers to recommend your services, broadening your client base and enhancing conversion opportunities.

Strengthen Customer Retention

Adopt advanced CRM tools to effectively manage your customer database, record vehicle details, and monitor service histories. Create personalized customer experiences, analyze customer interactions, automate communications, and provide incentives to foster customer loyalty and retention in your auto repair business.

Maintain Optimal Control

Benefit from sophisticated features that allow you to keep a tight rein on your team of mechanics. Efficiently manage their schedules, process invoices, streamline payments, and keep accurate financial records to ensure smooth operations and proficient management of your auto repair services.

Guarantee Prompt Service for Every Repair Appointment

Give your mechanics the flexibility to accept or reject bookings. This not only makes your auto repair service a desirable workplace but also ensures that all repair appointments are promptly attended to. Empowering your mechanics in this way contributes to efficient service delivery and enhances customer satisfaction.

Online Repair Job Management

Utilize OctopusPro’s cloud-based platform to schedule, manage, and monitor all auto repair jobs online, ensuring effective control at all times. Allow customers to effortlessly obtain accurate service quotes and place booking requests for car, bike, or truck repair services.

Self-Service Repair Booking Integration

Integrate OctopusPro with your existing website to accept online bookings for auto repair services! Customize your booking portal to reflect your business’s branding, including color schemes, styles, and fonts, easily and without needing design skills. Showcase your range of repair services and any additional options you offer. Opt to use your portal as a standalone website or integrate it smoothly into your current online presence.

Automated Repair Appointment Reminders

Minimize the chances of missed repair appointments! With OctopusPro, you can send automated email and SMS reminders to your customers and field mechanics for each scheduled or rescheduled job. Also, keep your mechanics informed about their upcoming appointments with handy app push notifications.

Integrate your website and accept bookings online!

  • Our platform empowers your customers to produce accurate quotes and submit booking requests for your auto repair services.
  • Personalize your portal with distinctive elements of your brand, such as color themes, styles, and fonts, no design expertise needed.
  • Boost your brand’s visibility by integrating your company logo, background images, or favicon into your portal.
  • Display your auto repair services and additional offerings, simplifying information access for customers in a customizable service catalog.
  • If your business lacks an existing website, your portal can function as a standalone site, or you can integrate it smoothly into your existing website.
  • Incorporate a “Book Now” button on your website to enable customers to easily schedule repair appointments.
  • Add a login/signup button to your website to provide customers with convenient access to manage their bookings and payments.
  • Employ your own domain URL to create a seamless online experience fully integrated with your website.
  • Link to social media networks and online directory listings to expand your reach and engage with a broader audience.
  • Offer multi-language options to cater to a diverse customer base.


Compatible with all website builders, regardless of the platform

Integrate with any website built through any website builder including wix, wordpress, duda, zyro and more

Integrate with industry-leading payment gateways

Ensure Timely Payments for Your Auto Repair Business!

Elevate your auto repair business with our advanced platform, designed to streamline payment and refund processes efficiently. Integrated with top payment gateways, it ensures seamless financial transactions. The system offers automated invoice processing for quick and secure payments, coupled with a versatile refund management feature for customer satisfaction. With real-time tracking, customers, office staff, and auto mechanics stay informed about the status of payments and refunds, enhancing transparency and trust. The platform supports multiple payment methods, catering to diverse customer needs and improving convenience. Additionally, automated billing and detailed financial reporting reduce administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on service quality and business growth. This comprehensive solution is ideal for auto repair businesses seeking to improve financial operations and customer experiences.

Instant Invoicing for Quick Payments

Generate invoices right after the completion of repair services to speed up the payment process. This facilitates a quick transition from job completion to payment, minimizing delays and enhancing cash flow.

Digital Signature Capture for Verification

Utilize our platform’s capability to capture customer signatures digitally on your mobile device. This ensures an effective, paperless transaction, validating the authenticity of the service provided and confirming the client’s commitment to payment.

Automated Payment Reminders for Better Cash Flow

Maintain a steady cash flow by automatically reminding clients of unpaid and overdue invoices. This function helps in minimizing late payments and instills a sense of responsibility in clients, thus improving the financial stability of your auto repair business.

In-App Payment Processing for Your Auto Repair Services

Our platform enables mechanics to create detailed invoices and handle payments directly within the app, fostering trust and transparency with customers. Providing a clear breakdown of auto repair services and their costs, our platform not only increases your credibility but also smoothens transactions for your auto repair business.

On-Site Invoicing for Prompt Payments

Facilitate timely payments by generating invoices on-site, right after the completion of the repair service. This approach streamlines the transaction process and boosts the cash flow of your business.

Transparent Payment Management

Maintain clarity with your clients regarding every financial aspect of their service, covering payments and refunds. This transparency strengthens customer trust in your auto repair services.

Elevate Customer Satisfaction

Efficiently handle customer issues and complaints, leading to a better customer experience. Quick and easy issues and complaints not only improve customer satisfaction but also encourage repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

Secure, Archive, and Retrieve Your Auto Repair Business Data

Our platform empowers you to produce real-time reports on every aspect of your auto repair business - including bookings, contractors, sales, employees, payments, and customers, with advanced filtering capabilities. It automatically records a history of all reports, giving you the flexibility to access and export your data as required.

Manage Offline Operations Effortlessly

Embrace the ability to efficiently manage all your auto repair bookings, appointments, and tasks, anywhere and at any time. Cloud-based operations give you the control over your administrative tasks, freeing your time to concentrate on elements that directly enhance your auto repair business, workforce, and client satisfaction. Additionally, the app's offline feature ensures continuous access to your business data and operations in all situations.

Drive Sales and Profits in Your Auto Repair Business

Convert every customer inquiry into a profitable opportunity with precise tracking and management. Our platform provides your auto repair business with advanced analytical tools to effectively guide each lead towards your revenue objectives. Utilize our platform to fully capitalize on your auto repair service leads, fostering business growth and increased profitability.

Customized for Your Auto Repair Business

Our platform’s modular system allows you to tailor it specifically to your auto repair business needs. This adaptability ensures that the platform can evolve and grow along with your changing business demands.

Available Wherever You Are

Designed for on-the-go access, our app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring your mechanics have the necessary tools at their fingertips. This makes managing jobs and communicating with clients and staff seamless, even while on the move.

Uncompromised Data Security

Our cloud-based solution ensures the safety of your business data. With the added convenience of accessing your information anytime, you can operate your auto repair business with confidence, knowing that your crucial business data is secure and always available.

Minimize Complaints, Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Leverage our comprehensive platform to expertly handle and diminish customer complaints in your auto repair business. This system includes a full suite of complaint management features, enabling seamless communication among customers, office staff, and auto mechanics. Customers can access real-time updates on their service requests and vehicle repair status. Office staff can swiftly address issues, log complaints, and monitor resolutions. Auto mechanics are equipped to provide instant feedback and updates. Together, these tools facilitate effective resolution of issues and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Customer Feedback Management for Auto Repair Services

Efficiently handle customer feedback, reviews, and complaints to continuously improve your auto repair services. This proactive approach not only elevates your service quality but also helps you identify areas for enhancement, consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Real-Time Mechanic Tracking for Customers

Provide your clients with the convenience of tracking their assigned mechanics in real-time as they travel to the service location. This feature increases transparency, builds trust, and ensures timely service delivery.

Integration with Xero and QuickBooks

Efficiently integrate and sync with accounting tools like Xero or QuickBooks to automate your financial tasks. Enjoy real-time sync of financial data, easing the transfer of invoices, payments, services, products, and customer information. This integration streamlines account reconciliation, cuts down on manual input, boosts accuracy, and minimizes errors, thus optimizing the financial management of your auto repair business.

Support and Training for Your Auto Repair Business

Regardless of your business size, from a growing startup to a large-scale enterprise, our customer support and success team is always ready to assist, covering multiple time zones. Our skilled support staff will help you get the most out of our platform, ensuring your operations are efficient and effective.

Educational Tutorial Videos

Access a wide range of resources to deepen your understanding and usage of our system, including a comprehensive user guide, a dedicated YouTube channel with instructional videos, webinars, and live online training. We also provide practical tips and advice to support your business’s growth.

Efficient Management of Earnings & Commissions for Mechanics

Automate your payment management for your team of mechanics, maintaining transparency in worker earnings and commissions management. Set specific criteria for each mechanic, service, and job to ensure accurate and efficient payment processing. Offer real-time access to payment details and summaries, keeping your team well-informed and motivated.

Dedicated In-House Support

For any issues or queries, take advantage of our in-house training sessions, including a complimentary 60-minute onboarding and setup consultation. We’ll answer your questions and guide you through setting up your account. For more in-depth support, choose from our suite of paid services for additional assistance.

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