Enterprise Field Service Management (FSM) Software

Enterprise field service management solution to meet your current and future business needs

Meet the future face on with a secure cloud based environment to streamline the workflow for your staff and vastly improve the customer experience. OctopusPro is easy to use and integrates with all mobile platforms for seamless team member adoption. 

Increase field service productivity, raise customer satisfaction and reduces costs. OctopusPro handles the entire life-cycle of jobs with intelligent scheduling and built-in communications. 

Tools for your growing team, without the complexity

End-to-end management software handling customer relations, quoting, task scheduling, field resource tracking, invoicing, and more, in turn improving company performance.

  • Help retain your client base
  • Grow your reputation
  • Discover new revenue streams
  • Enhance the customer experience

By adopting accurate, real time scheduling, you enable your business to efficiently manage your daily workflow, reduce the amount of last minute changes, and replace or reschedule technicians for a job, all with no business interruption. 

Key Features & Benefits

  • Schedule jobs and dispatch technicians
  • Calculate routes and job times
  • Log customer service and history
  • Manage inventory
  • Branded customer facing app
  • Quoting and invoices
  • Capture e-signatures
  • Forms and checklists with worker sign-off
  • Advanced CRM functionality
  • Report on KPIs and help improve workflow

Establish competitive edge

When your processes run smoothly, the result is a satisfied customer, and a probable company recommendation. Set your business apart from the competition. OctopusPro FSM solution increases productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing costs and improving resource allocation.

Your customers will love it

When jobs don’t run smoothly, customer frustration is understandable, however, when your staff arrive at the job site on time with everything required, the customer experience is off to a great start. 

Even a minimal increase in customer satisfaction translates to a noticeable increase in profitability. OctopusPro offers everything you need for a smooth customer experience. 

High visibility

OctopusPro introduces processes that all team members adhere to, from office staff to field technicians. All relevant information is accessible whenever and wherever your staff need it so your team can deliver better customer service more efficiently.

Business processes

Optimize employee productivity and improve the performance of your company by ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal in one centralized location. 

Enable technician checklists ensuring each required step is completed for a job, enter notes directly, and collect electronic signatures and payments directly through your branded app. 

Staff management

Job scheduling for large teams can be time consuming and problematic. OctopusPro field service solution provides a centralized management hub with built in communication ensuring office and field staff are always on the same page. 

Better coordinate all aspects of your business. Carry out teamwork more efficiently, more effectively and collaborate better together. 

Increase Technician Productivity by 20%

  • Improve the productivity and accuracy of your team’s work
  • Admins and field staff reduce lost time and increase customer engagements
  • Benefit from the constantly growing number of features built on top of our cloud solution

“By eliminating the need to make that additional call, we don’t just save on the 5 minutes call time, but the 30 minutes or so it takes to change plans and reschedule” 

(Mark Soldatov), Manager, StoneMaster Australia

Dedicated to your success! 

Here at OctopusPro, we’re extremely proud of our expert support and customer success teams. All Enterprise accounts include a dedicated account manager ensuring your success every step of the way. After all, your success is our success.

Yes, OctopusPro field service management software offers a free trial! Experience the benefits for yourself or get in touch for a no obligation consultation.

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