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Are you running a bar or a nightclub and still taking reservations over the phone? With OctopusPro, you can allow your customers to book a table on your website – or even via your own branded app!

In hospitality, things can often change quickly. In case someone calls in sick last minute, OctopusPro helps you find a substitute quicker.

Take your bar & nightclub management mobile

Your staff can log their availability and will have access to an app that they can use to accept or reject new shifts from anywhere so that you can easily fill in sudden absences.

Meanwhile, your customers can make bookings 24/7 online, making it easier for them, and freeing up time spent on the phone taking reservations.

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Increase your revenue with online booking

With online booking,  customers can make reservations on your website, by using your own branded app, or via third party services such as Facebook or Yelp.

Get more from a booking

You can list your services, like VIP booths and bottles, for customers to prebook. You can also charge a reservation fee in the booking, which can then be deducted from the final bill.

Customer Booking iPhone

Integrate with Google Calendar, Xero and QuickBooks

Integrate OctopusPro with your other tools to keep all data streamlined. Your calendars will always be in-sync and accounting will be a breeze!

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders

Reduce late and missed reservations with automatic reminders and alerts to customers about their bookings.

OctopusPro also reminds staff of their upcoming shifts and alerts them when urgent shifts become available.

Save time by automating your emails

OctopusPro’s integrated mailing lists feature allows you to manage all mailing lists for both your customers and staff.

Get your own branded app

 Increase sales and brand exposure with your own branded app by OctopusPro!

Gain visibility in front of millions of potential customers with a presence in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Let OctopusPro take your bar & nightclub business to the next level!

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