Non-Profits Field Service Management Software

From task management to team coordination, OctopusPro has you covered

Team coordination with an app customized for your organization, centralized knowledge base and integrated CRM. A unifying field service solution for all nonprofits.

OctopusPro is easy to use and integrates with all mobile platforms ensuring fast team member adoption.

Plan. Organize. Stay focused.

Your entire team on the same page

Improve your team’s efficiency with globally accessible information available when it’s needed and introduce processes that all team members adhere to, from office to field staff.

Stay connected with tools built for remote teams

Provide a streamlined and centralized hub that delivers real time updates, online task management features and team communication.

  • Improve the productivity and accuracy of your work
  • Administrators and field staff reduce lost time and increase engagements
  • Benefit from the constantly growing number of features built on top of our cloud solution

Complete solution for nonprofit organizations, large and small, to perform the good work they do

Key Features & Benefits

  • Schedule tasks and dispatch field staff
  • Calculate routes
  • Manage inventory
  • Volunteer management
  • Quotes and invoices
  • Email marketing & segmentation
  • Track activities & notes
  • Capture e-signatures
  • Payment processing
  • Document storage & management
  • Advanced CRM functionality – Accounts tracking
  • Report on KPIs and help improve workflow
  • API & Customization
  • QuickBooks & Xero integration

A better way to coordinate your team

 Updates from anywhere.

Field service at its core is mobile, and the requirements for field workers and office staff to stay synchronized can be crucial for your success.

True mobile compatibility

True mobile compatibility means you get the same features and options that you and your team need from anywhere using any device.

OctopusPro is consistent when used from a desktop, notebook, tablets or mobile devices enabling fast team member adoption.

Optimized services

Minimize transportation costs, optimize the efficiency of field deployments and react in real-time to potential disruptions and changes.

Globally accessible information available when it’s needed

A centralized management hub ensures office staff and field workers are always on the same page. OctopusPro enables technicians to access and update records from any location using any tablet or mobile device.

OctopusPro field service solution for nonprofits efficiently manages processes and task planning for both your office and field staff. Experience the importance of a holistic approach to field work with advanced service management software.

Dedicated to your success!

Here at OctopusPro, we’re extremely proud of our expert support and customer success teams who work with you to ensure your success every step of the way.

Yes, OctopusPro offers a free trial! Get in touch for a no obligation consultation and experience the benefits for yourself!

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